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More often than not, when we hear that a person has been arrested for a criminal offense we think that he must have done it.   Then, it is a friend or family member who is accused, and know that he did not do it, could not have done it, would not have done it.  Or, even if we fear that he is guilty of something, we want to be sure that he is treated fairly, his rights respected, and the outcome appropriate.

Ken started practicing criminal law since before he was licensed, working as in intern with the Municipal Attorney of Anchorage Alaska.  Coming to Dallas in 1979, he started defending criminal cases in both the State and Federal Courts, including prosecutions for murder and conspiracy.  In addition, he has handled appeals and post-conviction proceedings.  Charged with a crime?  Suspected of a crime?  Already convicted of a crime and seeking relief?  Call Ken today for a free consultation.

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