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Nothing is more personal than family, and nothing will be as stressful as a family law issue.   At the Law Offices of Kenneth S. Harter, we are committed to guiding you through life’s most difficult episodes with care and compassion.

DIVORCE -  Are you facing a divorce?  This will be stressful even if it is a “simple” divorce with no kids and no property.  Are there kids? Are there issues of where the kids will live, who will be paying support and how much?  Are there issues of property and debt?  Are there questions about whether the property is community property or separate property?  And who will owe which debts?  These are all matters that will have to be resolved.  

MODIFICATION - Have you had a change in circumstances that makes it hard to afford your child support payments?  Is there a change in circumstances that requires that the residence of the children shifts from one parent to the other?  If so, it is mandatory that you file a modification with the court.  If you don’t get a new Order then the child support obligation will continue, or the residence of the children will remain the same.  And, it is critical to know that any side agreement you make with your ex will not be enforceable unless there is an order.  So, if there has been such a change you need to call and start the modification process.

ENFORCEMENT - Is your ex not paying child support or not letting you see the kids? These are problems that can be brought to
the attention of the Court; and the judge as powerful tools to make your ex do what he or she was ordered to do.

ADOPTIONS & TERMINATIONS - Have an ex that is no longer in the picture? Are you re-married to a person who wants to be a parent to the child.  It is possible to terminate the parental rights of the biological parent and allow the new spouse to adopt the children.

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